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My first trip

Well, I just got back from my first two week trip last night. We spent about 11 days at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey flying C-17’s into and out of Iraq. From there, we spent a night at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar and flew out the next day to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. After about two and half days in Germany, we got to fly home to Charleston, stopping by at Pope AFB in North Carolina. It was a lot of fun, and I got to see three new countries (I’d already been to Germany). It’s good to finally be doing my job, my one great passion that burns deep within my loins…like a flaming golden hawk. (Obligatory Anchorman reference)

Here’s a picture of me at the Sabanci Merkez Camii, or the Sabanci Central Mosque, in Adana, Turkey.

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So…I have now made one mortgage payment in my life. My online statement breaks it down into principal, interest, and escrow paid. Of my payment, only 15% went to paying down the principal. The principal paid was a whopping 0.1016% of the original loan amount. Welcome to the real world, right?

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”
–Albert Einstein

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Besides the fact that Kentucky lost to Vandy at home for the first time in 31 years…look closely!

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BAD sports weekend

Boy. That was ugly. The Cats get thrashed by 27 at Kansas, in one of the most pathetic displays of “Kentucky” basketball I’ve ever seen. Selfish, confused, and playing with no heart, UK went on to its worst loss in the Tubby Smith era. And I thought it couldn’t get worse than the 26 point whoopin’ put on us by Indiana back in December. Uuuugggglllyyy.

That’s OK. I can’t wait until Sunday. The Bengals are in their first playoff game since 1990. Taking on the Steelers, who they just beat a little over a month ago in Pittsburgh. We can win this game. Second snap of the game, Carson Palmer drops back to throw his first pass, and a Steelers’ defensive lineman rolls into his knee. First reports are that he tore his ACL, maybe even his MCL. Who Dey! The Bengals actually play well with Jon Kitna playing quarterback, but it’s just not enough. They just weren’t the same team after Palmer went down. Bengals lose 31-17. Bad, bad sports weekend.

At least Randolph Morris is coming back Tuesday for the Vandy game. Why am I looking forward to this game? I should have learned.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Hope you have a great day…you deserve it. I’m so glad God blessed me with having you as my mother. I couldn’t have asked for better. Please just take today and celebrate. I’m looking forward to you living in Chucktown. I love you Mom!

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  • Buy Apple.
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    What my friends fly…

    Each of these pictures represents what (at least) one of my buddies flies. Thought I’d give you just a short look at the rest of the Air Force, outside of C-17’s.

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    Happy New Year!!!

    Please, enjoy your 2006.

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