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Two Down…

I got back from my second trip last night. This was one of those “good deals” that are so hard to come by these days. We did a fighter drag, which means that we followed behind while 12 F-18’s went over to Iraq to deploy, following a tanker. We carried all the maintenance guys and their equipment in our C-17.

One of the F-18’s broke and had to go to a base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts…we got to stay there a couple nights. From there, we went to Lajes Air Base, in the Azores, a group of islands off the coast of Portugal. That place is beautiful; we even got to go deep-sea fishing and caught three barracudas. Then it was on to Souda Bay, Crete; it’s a Greek island. Also beautiful, we got stay in Crete for four nights. Then it was into Iraq for the Marines. We went on to Germany from there and flew out of there until our time was up. We got home four days late, which is no good, but we’ll make some extra money on that. All in all, a really fun trip and some great experiences.

These pictures are of the sunset over Praia, the city right next to Lajes. This was our view as we came back in from fishing…not too bad of a day, not to mention we got to watch the Super Bowl that night.

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