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This is awesome.

“I totally just farted.”

On a side note, I had no idea “Canadian Idol” existed. Sweet.

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Basics of prayer

Today I ran across a good reminder of some of the basics of prayer. It’s pretty easy to forget to pray, why we pray, even how to pray, and sometimes prayer can even become an obligation, instead of the awesome privilege that it is. Here’s a short summary of the Christ-believer’s concept of prayer; hope it’s a help.

  • You got to pray just to make it today
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    Hunger strikes are a great way to affect change (see “Gandhi, Mohandas K.)

  • Saddam’s Hunger Strike
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    Granted, I haven’t posted in a while, but what about my dad? I mean the most recent post on his blog (www.jmikewest.blogspot.com) is from Jan 2. He has deleted some posts since then, but come on. Comment here or on his blog to get him going.

    Me, I’ve been distracted by Myspace. I just got a page and have been spending a lot of time on there. That stupid thing is addicting.

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    I thought I would explain the recent change in the title of this blog.

    The blog was originally called, “Name the Dog Stella,” as my parents were going to be in the market for a dog when they moved to South Carolina. Stella was the name Dad and I settled on, while Mom wanted something like Sadie or Nelly. Mom is not a Seinfeld fan.

    Anyway, when the folks got up here to the Charleston area and got settled, one of the first days they were in their new house, they were sitting on the back porch. They heard the next door neighbors repeatedly calling out, “Stella! Stella!”. Dad popped his head over the fence and after asking the neighbors about it, found out that they had a dog named Stella. So much for that.

    We’re still waiting for Mom and Dad to get the dog.

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    Glenn Beck thinks these two guys look alike, and I tend to agree.
    By the way, congrats to the Air Force on rocking Zarqawi’s world. Go USA!

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  • Strength From the Lord!
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    Pretty cool picture of the C-17…

    No, it’s not blowing up. It’s just popping flares.

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  • Good things.
  • If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of hearing one negative news story after another about the war in Iraq. Well, we’re making good progress, and people should know this. This kind of information is especially important for those of us that are over there, involved in this war. It’s out there, it just takes a little bit of digging.

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