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This Saturday, I’ll be heading out to Altus, Oklahoma for a little over a month for C-17 airdrop training. If you have a question as to what airdrop is, check out this link and click on “Airdrop” on the right side. There are several videos along the bottom, all of which are worth watching. Should be a good time. The In Flight Refueling videos are pretty cool too (we do that as well).

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Life in Kentucky…

Me and the sis going fishing.

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I told Lyndsey as we walked into Rupp Arena at about 10:15 Saturday morning to watch College GameDay on ESPN. “Good,” she replied. “I didn’t want to say anything, but I am too.” It was somewhat of an emotional experience to go back to the place of our births and to have the opportunity to be a part of what could have been the most electric Rupp Arena atmosphere ever.

The Cats lost to #1 Florida but in a valiant effort. I was pretty negative on them as they fell behind by 14, but at the end of the game I was proud of the way they fought back. If they shoot threes half as well as they normally do, if the SEC’s leading free throw shooter (Ramel Bradley) shoots a little better than 3-8 from the line, if we don’t fall behind by 14 in the first place…the what-ifs could go on forever. I’m fairly confident that the Cats will finish strong, grab a good seed in the NCAA tourney, and have a legitimate shot at moving past the Sweet Sixteen.
As far as the trip goes, it was great going back to Kentucky. That state is full of just good people. Everywhere you go, good people. And it was a heck of a lot of fun spending Saturday night with 24,464 like-minded friends.

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The last time

Florida came into Rupp Arena ranked #1, this happened:

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More Kentucky propaganda

Counting down to the road trip to Lexington for the Florida game…

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