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Headin’ to Kentucky

Well…tomorrow’s the day. Finally we get to go up to Lexington. We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, as Kacey will get to meet the parents. Lyndsey’s even flying up to join the fun. Our “Christmas” will be on Tuesday, as we won’t be able to spend the real Christmas together, for the first time ever. It should be a week full of ridiculousness…hopefully we don’t scare Kacey off.

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…that everyone should check out. I was just randomly perusing the Internet and happened upon this brand new, wonderful blog that ironically mentions this great guy named Justin. Weird…

Anyway, please support the new blog. Put it in your bookmarks and link it from your own blog. There’s bound to be a wealth of wisdom and a healthy dose of ridiculousness. Enjoy.

kacey leigh fields

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They’re smelly.

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It’s the small things…

My wonderful girlfriend Kacey combined two great things on her trip to Savannah yesterday. She went to (great thing #1) Bass Pro Shops and picked up some (great thing #2) Circus Peanuts to surprise me with them. It does not take much to make me happy. There’s only one peanut left in the bag. It will be in my belly shortly.

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Mute Math

Tuesday night I went to one of the best (if the not the best) concerts I’ve ever been to. Seeing Mute Math live was quite the experience. These guys have some of the most energy I’ve seen from anyone, and they are extremely artistic, energetic, and talented. A pretty good combination for a great live show.

The lead singer was working on a 103 degree fever and still had tons of energy. He did handstands on his keyboard and was constantly working the crowd. The drummer had a headset on, I assume to block some of the noise while still being able to hear the music. He moved around so much that he duct taped the headset to his head by wrapping the tape around his chin and up over the top of his head several times. On one song, the bass player played an upright bass while at the same time banging on a big bass drum…the type you’d see in a marching band. All of these guys ended up playing different instruments throughout the night, a testament to their talent.

There were 8 screens placed together to form one big screen behind the band, and throughout the show there was abstract/artsy video compilations playing in time to the music. Under the screen was a long line of huge fluorescent type lights that when they were all turned on, made it too bright to look directly at the stage.

All around, from the sound guys, to the lights, to the production, to the band itself, Mute Math is top-notch. If these guys don’t make it big, something’s wrong. Here’s an example of their talent. They played their current hit song, “Typical,” on the Jimmy Kimmel show. For a twist, though, they played it backwards, just the way it is on the song’s music video. Backwards…impressive. Backwards, live, in one take…amazing. They had to learn play their instruments and choreograph their movements backwards, so that when the tape is played in reverse (as it was on the show), it looks like it should…essentially how it is on the music video. Confusing enough? JUST GO SEE THEM if you ever get the chance.


Here is the video of which I write:

And how they made it:

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