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…is that the Cats must win the game also.

Ribs Contest

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It’s a sandwich, people.

“I hate Wendy’s!”

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It’s only a day late…

Enjoy these holiday wishes from your Houston Rockets (check out the two UK grads…)

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Got patience???

As Lyndsey said about my last blog post, the trip to Kentucky is over. Time for a new post. Well, here you go…

There’s a lot of panic surrounding the Kentucky basketball program. Even people who casually follow sports are likely to be aware of the struggles of this year’s UK team. Well, this has been coming for some time, and those who have been paying attention shouldn’t be surprised that this season is ugly. Maybe surprised that it’s been this ugly, but the likelihood that Kentucky would be a contender this year was pretty small.

Kentucky lost 10 of its last 17 games last year. They graduated two starters, and one went to the NBA. Several key reserves also graduated. Billy Gillispie brought in two big-time recruits, one of which has already transfered. This year’s team has two seniors and one junior. The rest of the team is sophomores and freshmen. Two key guards that would be starting this year have been injured up until now (Jodie Meeks came back last night). Last year’s team was mediocre at best, and it doesn’t make sense to expect this year’s team to be any better considering all of the above.

Billy’s installing his system. Kentucky players now must do things his way. They have to earn their playing time, and they aren’t given anything. This is a significant change from the way things operated under Tubby.

Anyway, there is no reason to freak out. This season is going to be rough, but Kentucky fans need to be patient. Check out this article.

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This trip is going well.

So far, we have eaten tons of good food, had Christmas, seen our old houses, visited old friends, been in an enchanted winter wonderland, played loads of Wii and Guitar Hero, and seen it snow. And Kacey still has not been scared off. Amazing. We may just keep her around. If she can tolerate this level of shenanigans, I think she may just fit in with the family quite nicely.

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