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OK…one more

I kinda like this plane…I also like the comment at 0:37.

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Came across this video of my plane…thought I would share.  These clips are from the inital test flights back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

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If you consider yourself a Kentucky basketball fan. It’s probably the best Gillispie article I’ve read. Billy just “gets it.”

His former boss, Bill Self, says, “with Billy, the bottom line is that he isn’t there just to win games this year. He’s there to build a championship-caliber program. In order to do that, you have to get everyone to buy into your philosophy. From the very first day, you have to do it your way.”

“On Tuesday, even though the game was already in hand, Kentucky’s Derrick Jasper dove across the hardwood to corral a loose ball with 10 seconds remaining.

As he watched on television thousands of miles away in Mantua, Utah, Josh Johnston clapped his hands, turned to a friend and said: ‘They’ve got it. They’ve figured it out.’ “

” ‘He might be pretty critical on the court sometimes,’ Johnston said, ‘but it’s to make you better – not to break you down. Once you understand that you won’t have a problem playing for him at all.

‘He genuinely cares about his guys, all of them. I wasn’t a starter but I got treated the same way our stars did. He’ll stick up for you. I guarantee that if you called him right now and started saying bad things about me, he’d be ready to fight you.’ “

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That was also a good one…


Man, Billy Gillispie is awesome. He has taken Kentucky from a soft, confused, injury-riddled group and turned them into a tough, smart(er), and still hurting but slowly getting more healthy, scrapping team.  He’s done it without compromising any of his coaching principles, even when the pressure on him was intense.  He believes in outworking every team on the schedule and playing as hard as you possibly can for 40 (or 50, if you have to–Vandy) minutes…not 39, not 38.  He believes in get-up-in-your-jersey man-to-man defense the entire game.  And he hasn’t changed any of that from Day 1, even when it would have been easier and gotten some people off his back if he did so.  Billy has a long-term plan for the team, and he won’t waver from it (sounds like another current UK coach, Rich Brooks…look where the Kentucky football team is now).

It was looking ugly earlier in the season with losses to Gardner-Webb and San Diego at home. After the win over #5 Tennessee last night, the future for this season is much brighter. Now, the Cats defend Rupp Arena like their lives depend on it. And I love it.

Anytime you can make Bruce Pearl sad, it’s a good thing.catswinwin.jpg

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I love this guy…

If you don’t love this guy too, I will fight you!

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Is this good or bad news?

I don’t normally bring up “political”16-week-unborn-baby.jpg issues on this blog; in fact, this may be the first such post in over two years of Stella’s/Gracie’s existence. But you gotta read this. Maybe you already knew it, but it sure opened my eyes.

Check out this article. Good news: abortions in 2005 were at the lowest rate since 1974. Bad news (which is really not news, but it doesn’t get much publicity): “more than one in five pregnancies ended in abortion in 2005.” More than ONE IN FIVE!!! That number is mind-boggling. Outrageous. Infuriating, really.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

–Psalm 139: 13-14

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I just talked to Mom and Dad after the operation…he’s in recovery mode and is completely coherent (his mouth is just a little dry). The doctors were able to clean out the entire infection in his knee, and from all accounts, the operation was about as successful as it could have been…a real answer to prayer.

Wish Dad well, either by sending him a email (leave a comment with your email address if you don’t have it and would like to get it from me) or calling him if you have his number. Or you could check out his blog at http://jmikewest.blogspot.com and leave a nice comment. Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts.

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The new knee

In a little under a half hour, Dad will be undergoing a complete knee replacement. He’s been hobbling along on a bad knee, to some degree or other, essentially since his high school days. So yeah, he’s ready for a change. There is a slightly increased risk, as he has a dormant infection in his knee that’s been there since his initial surgeries in high school, so keep that in your prayers.

I know he’s ready to be able to move around like a “normal” person…being able to take walks with Mom and playing some basketball would be a great improvement. Keep Dad in your prayers, both now for the surgery and for the recovery and rehab.

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