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…watch how big a sissy their mascot is.

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I like Billy

Check out this video.

And read this article.

Then, you might like Billy too.

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An obvious shot at Starbucks. My favorite line is: “Delicious lattes from Dunkin’ Donuts. You order them in English…not Fritalian.”

Oh, because “latte” is an English word, right? What? It’s not? It’s Italian? Imagine that. Oh wait, it made its way into the English dictionary in the mid-90’s? Because of…?

You think that might be because of Starbucks? Maybe because during that time period, they were opening a new store every workday?

The song is catchy, though. Just like the University of Louisville, you’ll always be little brother. It’s OK, though, Dunkin’ Donuts, you’re cute.

Really, I do like this commercial. But if the whole premise of the commercial is criticizing Starbucks for having foreign words on their menu, please don’t offer an Italian word to me as your alternative.

Oh, and one more thing…look at how many people are in line at the nondescript fancy coffee shop.  Then notice the one guy walking outside with his Dunkin’ Donuts “American” latte.  At least they got that part right.

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Farts are funny.

…but not everyone enjoys them.

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Louisville sucks. That is all.

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Might be one of the top 5 videos on all of YouTube: Waylon Jennings, his son Shooter (both of whom own spots on my Ipod) & the 1988 Kentucky Wildcats. Does life get better than this? I submit that it does not.

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Here’s some more

This is the part that’s quoted below. I apologize for just posting bits and pieces, but I can’t find the whole speech.

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