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Happy Birthday Dad!

April 1…a day of ridiculous pranks and jokes, one where you always have to be on your toes, but one in which everyone ultimately has fun.  Quite the appropriate day for Dad to be born.

The April Fool’s Day of 1957 brought Dad into the world, and it’s a better place because of that.  Dad has always been a source of a good joke or an encouraging word at the most opportune time.  But more than that, he has been a man you can trust.  dadtrain.jpgSomeone you can count on.  Someone who taught me to always be where you say you’ll be, when you say you’ll be there, and do what you say you’ll do.  And he didn’t just teach me all this by saying it…he has always lived it out.

Dad has taught me what it looks like to be a real man as a husband and a father, something that will be very important to me in the coming years.  He showed me what it means to discipline and love at the same time, and how really, the two are inseparable.  He’s given me an appreciation for sports and the values they teach.  He’s shown me the value of hard work and determination.  I’ve learned that you can do whatever you set your mind to.  Dad’s passed on his sense of humor too…something that makes life so much more fun.

But most importantly, Dad has helped teach me what it means to love Jesus and live out that love.  He always has a great sense of perspective and has taught me to figure out what’s really important in life…the rest is just small stuff.

I can’t thank you enough, Dad, for the things that you’ve passed on to the next generation.  I can only hope and pray that I am able to do the same.  Enjoy your day, I love you, and keep looking up!

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I’m just mad we let her on a C-17.

UPDATE: The C-17 pilot who flew Hillary into Bosnia tells his side of the story here.

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See you next season.


I’m already excited about what Billy G. has in store for the Cats next year. He’s already lined up a very solid recruiting class and will likely add one or two more in the spring. Add that to the fact that the Cats have adjusted to his style, and we only lose two players…things are looking good.

The sad part is that the two players we lose are Joe and Ramel. These guys poured their hearts out for UK. crawford.jpgI’m sad to see them go. They reached new levels of maturity and toughness under Coach Gillispie. Good luck guys. Hopefully a couple NBA teams are smart enough to give them each a shot.

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Cats are dancin’…

It’s a beautiful sight.


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before you get really mad at me by reading the next post (if you’re a Gators fan.)

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Back to old times…

After last night’s shameful Gator performance against the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, it appears that we are back to the way walsh.jpgthings used to be: Florida as a team with plenty of talent…and that’s about it.

The Gators I remember had all kinds of four and five-star recruits out of high school, and they played really well…for themselves. It was a team of big egos and goofy hair. Matt Walsh. Anthony Roberson. Matt Bonner. These guys were soft. The Florida I remember had no sense of team, no sense of sacrifice, and no sense of heart.

Then, Billy Donovan caught lightning in a bottle. He signed a class of Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Taurean Green, and Corey Brewer…all four star recruits (except for Green). The difference here was that this group “got it.” They understood the concept of team, of playing for something bigger than yourself. Along with Chris Richard and Lee Humphrey, these Gators rode this unity to a three year streak of unprecedented success, including two national championships.

Now, all of these players are gone. Granted, the new Gators are young, but it looks like we’re back to the old Gator status quo. You know it’s bad when your coach says he doesn’t want to coach you next year. bonner.jpgWe’re back to selfish agendas and finger-pointing. Donovan ripped the baby Gators a new one after last night’s humiliating defeat, throwing around terms like “commitment issues” and getting “exposed.”

Well, Gators, just like I said, you had a nice team. You had a nice run. Now, you can go back to being forgettable. Everything eventually comes around full circle, and the traditional power (read: Kentucky) of the SEC is back on the rise, while your coach is once again scrambling to learn how to motivate. I don’t have a problem with people rooting for the Gators. I do have a problem when those people assume that because of a couple years of recent success, they can trump decades and decades of being at the top and claim that their “program” is superior. I’m more than willing to compare stats, if you want to go there.

Don’t worry, though, Gator fans. Football season is not far away, and you can once again enjoy your Tim Tebow worship services.

***Disclaimer: I just had to write this entry after the immense amount of unwarranted trash-talking produced by supporters of said Gators during the lead-up to the recent UK-Florida game. I couldn’t just let that go unnoticed. There had to be some retribution.  Now I can once again go back to talking about Kentucky. Go Cats!***

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