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As has become custom in the West Household of South Carolina (WHOSC), Wii bowling took place this afternoon.  I was bowling, like any other normal day, when all of a sudden, something caught my eye.  Mom, or the “Mii” we had created for her on Lyndsey & Andrew’s Wii when we were all in Lexington, was bowling in the lane next to me.  She even got a strike!

Needless to say, it was incredible to me to discover Mom bowling next to me, since we had not created a Mii for her on our Wii. (still following?)  Evidently she had migrated all the way from Florida to bowl with us.  I tried to connect our Wii with the Cornell Wii in Florida a few days ago but didn’t think it was successful.  Evidently, it was successful, or else there is another Mii out there that’s a dead ringer for Mom’s Mii.

In related news, there was also a “twin Kacey” sitting next to our Kacey, watching me bowl.  Perhaps the Cornell Kacey has also joined us.

Without further ado, from Kentucky to South Carolina, via Florida, the Internet, and Nintendo, I give you my bowling partner for this afternoon.  (I apologize for the picture quality…it was difficult to catch her in action, as she did not spend much time in one place.)  Discuss.

Oh, also, Kung Fu Panda was surprisingly good.  Go see it.

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Go Rondo Go

In honor of the Celtics’ championship (with former Kentucky Wildcat Rajon Rondo running the point), here are his top ten plays of the 2007-2008 season.

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Sure, why not?

Any self-respecting game show should involve an extremely high probability of breaking a bone and/or having a heart attack.

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All in a month

OK, OK…I hear you. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Before the Kentucky Derby, even. A lot has happened in that time. Here’s the rundown:

1. Kacey and I got married. Being married is AWESOME. Tomorrow is our one-month anniversary.

Mr & Mrs West

2. We went to Costa Rica for 8 days on our honeymoon. Costa Rica is AMAZING. (Post in the comments section if you’d like a link to view our honeymoon pictures online).

Punta Islita

3. I went on a 10-day trip for my checkride to get certified as a C-17 aircraft commander. Spent most of the time in Germany. The checkride went well, and I’m “CERTED.”

Castle in Rittersdorf, Germany

4. Lyndsey and Andrew bought us a Wii for our wedding. I am ADDICTED. Thankfully, Kacey also enjoys the Wii and doesn’t get angry when I play for hours on end.

That should about catch you up. Any questions?

Maybe I won’t go 6 weeks until the next post. But maybe I will.

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