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As promised, here is one of those “more ridiculous items” that has a place only on this blog. We’re trying to keep the family blog classy, but I can’t not share this.

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New blog alert…

…a new West family blog is here.

Please check it out.  I’ll still post the more ridiculous items here.  Family related items will be on the new blog.

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Some big things have been happening at the West Household of South Carolina.

First, I received the butt-kicking of a lifetime in Wii bowling.  And the thing is, my score wasn’t that bad.  Kacey just demolished me.  That’s 99 points better, if you’re scoring at home.  She has taken over as the premier bowler of the WHOSC.

Next, this afternoon, Kacey and I finally bought a kitchen table.  We had ordered one off the Internet a couple weeks ago, but I got a call yesterday that the table had been discontinued.  Quite unfortunate.  Then, we found what we thought to be the same table on Craigs List yesterday.  We responded promptly, and the seller said that we could stop by and see the table…we just needed to call him.  I called him within an hour, but he didn’t answer, so I left a voicemail with my info.  No word from him today either, so I emailed him this afternoon.  Sorry, table is sold.  Well, crap.

So we go to Good Wood, an unfinished furniture store in Charleston that also carries some finished furniture.  We found exactly what we were looking for…it was actually very similar to the table on which we were rejected twice.  After over two and a half years of living in this house without a kitchen table, the dining room is finally filled:

Stay tuned…you never know what’s next.

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