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Dear Mr. Obama…

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Please click this and watch it.

Umm…Matt.  So, Palin’s “terrifying” to you because of her lack of experience.  OK, I won’t even go there…too easy.  We’ve been over this.

But, you want to know if she believes in dinosaurs because she’s going to have the nuclear codes?  Oh.  Makes perfect sense.

And wouldn’t the story of Obama the celebrity also make a Disney movie?  He may as well be a Hollywood actor now, with how large his celebrity is.  Doesn’t he have a great story, the rags-to-riches, overcoming adversity, black man (oh wait, he’s just as much white as he is black?) skyrocketing to the White House?  Actually I do like that story, just as much as Palin’s story.  Only in America.  I guess it would just make a good Disney movie, instead of a really bad one.  Got it, Matt.  Thanks for your input.  Dinosaurs?  Really???

The desperation is in full gear, folks.  I’ll take McCain/Palin, and Palin’s “folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink.”  (What the hell does that mean?)

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Have another one, Joe.

It is a very catchy song, though.

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Say what???

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Well, he may be a socialist

But at least he’s got a jump shot.  On a related note, how does he look these troops in the eye, knowing full well he wants them to lose?

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Get ’em Newt.

Who else is SHOCKED that the reporter had nothing to support Obama?

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Worth a thousand words…

All photos courtesy of The Cats’ Pause

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