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Running on…change???

“Change we can believe in.”


Barack Obama’s campaign slogan has likely been beaten into your brain over the recent months. Change…sounds great. Sounds great to the thousands of people that gather for his campaign rallies all across the country and wave signs touting the change Obama can bring. Sounds great in his speeches that mention the words “change” and “hope” in every other sentence while often leaving out talk about the real issues.

Just tell me WHAT you’re going to change. Tell me WHY it needs to be changed. And more importantly, tell me HOW you’re going to change it. Really, just tell me what you believe in (besides change). Then let me make up my mind. That’s the only way to get me to “change” my mind. Don’t hide your policies and beliefs behind vague discussions on change and hope. Obama, you have the ability to continually talk about nothing and sound great doing so.

Are you trying to hide the fact that you were deemed the most liberal senator in 2007 behind this “change” rhetoric? Just tell me what you believe in. Even if I don’t agree with you, I’ll at least respect you.

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The new place

How do you like it? I think I’ll end up liking WordPress better. I’m still getting a hang of the ins and outs of it, but just having that picture up there makes it worth it so far.Altus

Not a whole lot going out here in Altus, OK for me. I was informed yesterday by the scheduler that it’d be next Tuesday at the earliest for my first flight. I have five flights and a checkride in my upgrade to Aircraft Commander, so it looks like I’ll be out here a little over a month.

Pray for Dad as he undergoes knee replacement surgery tomorrow. There are potential issues with a dormant infection he’s had in his knee since his high school days, but the doctors seem confident that it won’t be an issue. Just keep him in your prayers, both for the surgery and the rehab.

That’s about it. I just wanted to make a post to christen the new WordPress site. Hope all six of you who read the blog will update your bookmarks.

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